5 Things You Can’t Go to Hanging Lake Without

hanging lake gear essentials

You’ve seen the photos, you’ve heard the stories: Hanging Lake is the ultimate Colorado hiking destination! With its beautiful turquoise lake and spectacular waterfall, it’s no wonder that Hanging Lake has made it onto countless bucket lists. As a native Coloradan, I only made it out to this amazing destination last year!

The lake technically isn’t around Denver, as it’s about a three hour drive in Glenwood Springs, Colorado. While a truly fantastic sight, the lake has had struggles in the past few years from an increase in tourism. Soon, the trail may limit the amount of visitors each day, so make sure you plan ahead.

As with any hiking adventure, preparation is key. The trail to Hanging Lake is viewed as moderately difficult, so having the right gear can make or break your trip! Here are recommendations of the best travel gear for weekend trips to Hanging Lake.

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