Everything You Need to Know About the Ice Castle in Dillon, CO

ice castle dillon colorado

Update: the ice castle in Dillon will be closed on March 10, 2018

Who doesn’t love a good castle?

Colorado doesn’t have very many castles, but this winter in the mountain town of Dillon, Colorado, an Ice Castle was built! This structure is made entirely of ice and snow, and it’s incredible to look at.

I love when there’s a new and exciting thing to do in Colorado during the winter, especially since I don’t ski or snowboard. It’s also a bonus that it’s one of the most unique and Instagramable things to do in Colorado right now!

entrance to the ice castle in dillon colorado
The entrance to the Ice Castle

Inside the Ice Castle

Walking up to the castle, you’ll feel a bit intimidated. There are some huge icicles at the entrance that will make you start regretting signing a liability waiver beforehand….

icicles in the ice castle in dillon colorado

Fight through your fear, because inside is amazing! There are tens of thousands of icicles all around the complex, and the whole thing weighs 25 MILLION pounds!

You’ll slip and slide a bit as you walk around due to the snow and ice, but seeing the lights and the structure just takes your breath away. Just be cautious as you walk around.

The castle is the size of an acre and can be difficult to navigate. You’re given a map of the area at the ticket counter, so hopefully you can find your way around. When you’re in the corridors, make sure to look up—or don’t, depending on your stance on looking at giant icicles over your head!

You can find slides, tunnels and a maze inside the Ice Castle, as well an ice throne that’s a bit difficult to sit on (and will make your butt wet). If you’re lucky, your visit will coincide with a fire show by Insphyre.

ice castle in dillon colorado

When to go to the Ice Castle in Dillon

If you want to experience the Ice Castle at its most magical, I would suggest visiting at night, because that’s when you can see all the icicles lit up with LED lights.

That being said, it’s really cold. Like, I’m-inside-a-building-made-of-ice cold. If you can’t handle those temperatures for too long, consider going earlier in the day. The castle is still stunning during in daylight, and your photos will probably turn out better!

ice castle in dillon colorado

Your tickets will give you a 30 minute interval that you are expected to arrive in, but you can stay inside as long as you’d like. You do need to include a name on each individual ticket as you buy them, but there is an exchange program should your plans change.

Tickets are $15.95 to $16.95 for adults and $10.95 to $12.95 for kids in advance, depending on the day of the week. The Ice Castle is expected to run through March, so act fast!

Getting to the Ice Castle

Despite what much of social media says, the Ice Castle is in Dillon, not Silverthorne. Make sure that’s what you search for when using Google Maps, or you’ll end up at a Silverthorne strip mall instead.

Once you arrive, just find a parking spot and hop in line! It may be a bit long, but it will move fairly quickly. Don’t worry too much if you end up a little late, they shouldn’t bother you.

Visiting the Ice Castle in Dillon, Colorado is a fun and unique thing to do for all ages as the winter comes to a close, other than the usual skiing and snowboarding. If you’re looking for things to do in Colorado this weekend, make your way over to Dillon and feel like royalty!

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ice castle dillon coloradoice castle dillon colorado


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