What am I doing? A Welcome Post

What am I doing with my life?

That’s been the question of the day every day since I graduated from the University of Colorado Boulder back in December 2016. I still have no answer.

Some background: I was born to two Iranian immigrants (hence the “Saffron”) in Federal Way, Washington. We moved to Colorado when I was still a baby, and haven’t left since. That being said, I don’t ski or snowboard, and I don’t like beer and weed. I’m not exactly a normal Coloradan. 😂 I’m also a self-described picky eater/foodie (yes, it’s a weird combination).

I studied Political Science at CU and did a semester at the Washington Media Institute in Washington, D.C., working for free and eating a lot.

Cheesin’ in the West Wing of the White House

What’s become very clear is that travel is something beyond an itch to me. It’s something I have to have the ability to do in my life. Hence, the reason why I’ve changed my life plan of becoming a lawyer. Whoops!

I originally wanted to become an entertainment lawyer, but the more I learned and the more time went on, the less appealing it was. Long work hours? Few vacations? Working on those vacations? No. No no no.

Cheesin’ in Burano, Italy

A lot of factors played in, but I’ve resolved that it’s not in the cards. I am considering getting a Masters in Communications, preferably somewhere in Europe, because it’s a prime travel port (just kidding, it’s cause it’s insanely cheaper than in the US).

What will I do? I don’t know. But until I figure it out, I’m just going to talk about my adventures in and around Colorado. I hope you stick around!


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